Easy One Pot Dinners

When you need to cook during the week, these 5 easy one pot dinners will make the work easier and tasty. Taco Pasta Since tacos and pasta are both popular, and are both pretty easy why not combine the two. What you get might just be a new favorite. Ingredients 1 tablespoon of olive oil … Read more

Cheap One Pot Recipes

Introductory content. Cheap does not mean tasteless You can cook with almost anything you like. This will be about using good ingredients but not premium parts such as T-bone steak. We will go with fresh and canned ingredients and keep it simple. Yes we are going to find some cheap one pot recipes. Ground beef … Read more

About Jacky

Hi I have been cooking off and on for much of my life. Recently I became the only cook in the house. This along with being the only dishwasher caused me to want a new way to prepare meals. So one pot cooking is my goal. Let’s Find Out It seems that I probably am … Read more